About Us
Futuristic Door was founded in 2004 to produce high-quality, decorative but functional door at a reasonable price. All of us at Futuristic Door genuinely care about the quality, craftsmanship and service that goes into creating our customers' custom doors, from the point of inquiry to the point of delivery and beyond.

Years ago the wooden doors have been on use at home, offices and business establishments. No thoughts design, function, and construction were made. Therefore, after several seasons, replacing the door became more common.


Mohammed Amin

We take personal pride in designing and producing each and every door that we make. Every door is made individually and is not mass produced. The choice of styles in our catalogue are just a sampling of the more popular doors we create. We welcome your own design and input for meeting your needs.

We also offer design assistance to those customers who desire a more individually customized look to their door.

Features of Futuristic Door:
Futuristic Door is proud of the quality of the materials and methods we use to construct our custom wooden doors. Everything from expansion, contraction and the species of the wood. To straightness of grain, thickness of wood, and finishing treatments has been considered for quality and durability. We are confident that you, our customer, will be thrilled with the quality and workmanship that is evident in these unique, custom wooden doors.

We offer many different styles and designs to compliment your home or place of business. Whether it's Traditional, Classical or Whimsical, we have much to offer any decor or architectural design. We also welcome your design ideas for a completely custom and unique style door, all your own!

All of our combination screen /storm doors are built of seasoned Teak, selected for it's high resistance and decay and it's stability in extreme temperature changes.

The Doors are made of a combination of stone, marbles, tile and all kinds of metals in the teak wood structure.

Why Futuristic Door:
Because Futuristic Door is unique and artistic in design. Let the door speak about your sophistication.
We don't have mass production. So every door is flamboyant and individual.
Visit us, you will find our showroom as a replica of Art Gallery.